Routley & Wigzell Pty Ltd manufacture high volume machined metal products in accordance with customers' specifications. we are concious of the need to identify and meet the contractual requirements of our customers and to satisfy the company's objectives in every respect. In order to achieve this, we operate a management system in accordance with Quality System Standards AS/NZS ISO9001 (all products) and ISO/TS16949 (automotive products only) to provide the best means for maintaining the required level of product quality. TGSI TGSI

It is essential that every employee involved in implementing and maintaining the management system understand our policies and procedures and the importance of producing and delivering only products, which conform to customer requirements. We regularly review our policy and operating system to confirm continuing effectiveness.

We define our objectives, set targets, monitor our performance and make improvements to benefit the company, its customers and its employees. We will comply with relevant regulatory standards and statutory requirements.

We ask every employee to support the application of our operating system and contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction, one of our prime objectives.